Getting Help

Getting Help

Canvas Support

Important: Please select the correct Help links below depending on whether you need assistance with UVACanvas or UVACanvas Connect, to ensure you are directed to the correct resources for support.

When to Contact: If you have questions about using the tools and options in Canvas, such as uploading content, posting communications, creating assignments/assessments, entering/releasing grades, and resolving/reporting technical issues.

These resources are always available, 24/7/365:

Important: For help with problems like resetting NetBadge passwords, working with Duo (2-Step Login), email issues, or other digital systems and services, please contact the UVA Help Desk. For other UVACanvas-related issues, see the options below.

LTS Team

UVA Learning Technology Services (LTS)

The UVACollab team is now the Learning Technology Services team!

When to Contact: If you have instructional design questions and questions related to integrated tools like reviewing/improving accessibility, scaffolding/presenting content, designing assignments/assessments, and working with integrated tools (e.g., Gradescope, Poll Everywhere, etc.)

Learning Tech

Visit the Learning Tech Website

An initiative of UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence

Your gateway to UVA's digital toolkit, our partners at UVA Learning Tech have developed a wealth of Canvas support resources. 

Instructional Consultations

1:1 UVA Consultations (Virtual)

Dates: Upon Request

Consultations can be scheduled with teams from the following schools:

If your school is not listed above, you can email [email protected] to request a one-on-one consultation. The LTS team can assist with questions about instructional design, content accessibility, and working with integrated tools (e.g., Gradescope or Poll Everywhere).   

The LTS Team has launched a new support portal! Visit the Learning Technology Services website for UVA-specific documentation developed by the LTS team.

Email [email protected] for personalized assistance with enhancing your next course.

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