Course Sites in UVACanvas

Course Sites in UVACanvas

Course Sites in UVACanvas

New academic course sites will be in UVACanvas beginning with the Summer 2023 term and moving forward. For questions about course readiness or design, join an Open Office Hour event or one of the many upcoming Training Workshops.



Not seeing a course site that you are expecting?

New sites appear in your UVACanvas Dashboard. There are two primary reasons an expected site may not be displaying:

  • You have over 20 sites.
    As the UVACanvas Dashboard displays up to 20 sites, it is possible that some sites have fallen off the default view. To view your full site list, open the Courses menu and select All Courses at the bottom. Mark your desired courses as favorites by following the steps in How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor? After doing this, unfavorited sites will no longer be displayed on the dashboard, but can be accessed from the All Courses page.
  • Your new official course site hasn't arrived yet. 
    Official academic course sites are created in UVACanvas as courses and instructor assignments are added in the Student Information System (SIS) on a rolling basis. A course may be listed in SIS, but it may not appear in your Dashboard until the instructor assignment is complete. 

Types of Sites

You may have several types of sites in your Dashboard:

  • Active Course Sites - Published sites that you are actively using for a current term (appears under "Published" and is visible to students)
  • Workspace Site - A personal sandbox for testing course site setup and tool functionality
  • Migrated Course Content Sites - Unpublished sites that serve as a repository of course materials migrated from previous learning systems such as UVACollab, Blackboard, or Moodle. These sites are intended as a reference and cannot be published or connected to a student roster.
  • Official Course Sites - Sites that are automatically created by and connected to the Student Information System (SIS), including your student roster and grade export. These sites arrive under "Unpublished Courses" and only become visible to your students when you publish them. To prepare these sites for your upcoming course, you can choose to build them from scratch or reuse content from your migrated course content site.

Additional information about using the various site types is below.

Course Sites


Your Workspace is a personal sandbox for instructors to:

  • Test course site setup.
  • Practice tool functionality.
  • Create content that can be imported into their official SIS-rostered course sites.
  • Play around with UVACanvas without affecting learners enrolled in your regular classes.

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Migrated Course Content 

Content from course sites created between the 2022 Spring semester and the time of their transition will be automatically migrated from their existing systems to UVACanvas. (Course sites created during the 2022-2023 academic year will not be migrated until the semester with which they are associated has ended.) 

These migrated course sites do not include any of the original students or student-submitted content, but instead serve as a repository of previous course materials for reference or reuse in your official course sites. 

Note: Migrated course content sites are not intended to be used as your official course site. These sites cannot be published and a student roster cannot be added. This checklist will guide you through reusing any previous content in your new official course site.

UVACollab to UVACanvas

Summer, Fall Wave Participants: Spring '22, Summer '22, Fall '22, and any additional course sites you selected for automatic migration are now available in UVACanvas. Spring '23 course sites will be automatically migrated after the semester has ended. 

Each migrated course site appears with the title “UVACOLLAB – name of course.” Your original course sites in UVACollab will remain in UVACollab for reference at least until December 2025.

Blackboard to UVACanvas

Migrated course content will arrive in UVACanvas on April 21, 2023. Each migrated course site appears with the title “Blackboard – name of course.”

Official Course Sites 

Official academic course sites are created in UVACanvas as courses and instructor assignments are added in the Student Information System (SIS). 

These course sites are connected to the student roster and course grade export. These sites appear under Unpublished Courses in your dashboard and are not visible to your students until you publish them.

While you may prefer the flexibility of designing your course sites from scratch, you can also choose to reuse existing materials from either your migrated course sites or UVACanvas Workspace. 

Reusing Migrated Course Content 

You may choose to edit and reuse the migrated content by importing it into your official Spring ’23 UVACanvas course site. There may be some variation between how course content appeared in UVACollab and how it appears in UVACanvas. As you review your materials, use this check list to help identify potential differences, and to walk you through editing and reusing content.