Moving to UVACanvas

Moving to UVACanvas

Moving to UVACanvas

Our move to UVACanvas will take place over multiple semesters, with the first schools using UVACanvas in Spring 2023. Not sure when your school or area will begin using UVACanvas? View the Transition Plan.

As you get closer to the transition to your transition time, new sites will appear in your UVACanvas Dashboard under Unpublished Courses. 

For an illustrated overview of these changes, a Timeline Infographic is available. For questions about course readiness, join an Open Office Hour: Course Readiness event.



Migrated Course Content Sites

Course sites created between the 2022 Spring semester and the time of their transition will be automatically migrated from their existing systems to UVACanvas. (Course sites created during the 2022-2023 academic year will not be migrated until the semester with which they are associated has ended.) These migrated course sites do not include any of the original students or student-submitted content, but instead serve as a repository of course materials. 

UVACollab to UVACanvas

  • Spring Wave Participants
    Spring ’22, Summer ’22, and any additional course sites you selected for automatic migration are now available in UVACanvas. Fall ’22 course sites will be automatically migrated after the semester has ended. 
  • Summer, Fall Wave Participants
    The project team is working on key dates to support the Summer, Fall 2023 Waves. To help you get ready, transition activities such as training and assisted migration will take place in spring 2023.

Each migrated course site appears with the title “UVACOLLAB – name of course.”

SCPS Canvas to UVACanvas

As your instructor assignments and courses are added in the Student Information System (SIS), new associated course sites will appear. Spring ’22, Summer ’22, Fall ‘22, any additional course sites you selected for automatic migration, and Studio files are now available in UVACanvas. 

EHD Canvas to UVACanvas

Spring ’22, Summer ’22, and any additional course sites you selected for migration are now available in UVACanvas. Fall ’22 course sites and Studio files will be automatically migrated and course site links will be updated upon the conclusion of the semester.

Reusing Migrated Course Content 

You may choose to edit and reuse the migrated content by importing it into your official Spring ’23 UVACanvas course site. There may be some variation between how course content appeared in UVACollab and how it appears in UVACanvas. As you review your materials, use this check list to help identify potential differences, and to walk you through editing and reusing content.

Official Course Sites 

Official course sites are created in UVACanvas as courses and instructors are added in the Student Information System (SIS).

These course sites are connected to the student roster and will be the sites you use for your Spring ’23 courses. While you may prefer the flexibility of designing your course sites from scratch, you can also choose to import existing content from either your migrated course sites or UVACanvas Workspace. 

Course Sites