UVACollab to UVACanvas Equivalency Chart

UVACollab to UVACanvas Equivalency Chart

UVACollab to UVACanvas Tool Equivalency Chart

This equivalency chart can help instructors and teaching assistants find steps to accomplish tasks in UVACanvas that they used to do in UVACollab.

Tip: Before getting started, see the following articles to familiarize yourself with UVACanvas:

Equivalent Tools

UVACollab Tool Equivalent in UVACanvas Help Guides
Announcements Announcements
Assignments Assignments
Calendar Calendar
Chat Chat
Discussions Discussions
Gradebook Grades: View your gradebook items in a table format.

Assignments: Manage your gradebook categories (now assignment groups) and gradebook items in Assignments.
Groups Groups
Import from Site Course Import
Lessons Modules
Messages Inbox
Resources Files
Rich Text Editor Rich Content Editor
Roster People
Site Settings Settings
Statistics New Analytics
Syllabus Syllabus
Tests & Quizzes Quizzes
Web Link Redirect
Wiki Pages